Birth Doula Services

The Packages

I have crafted three gorgeous custom birth doula packages to choose from with lots of add-on options to help you find the right level of support to suit your needs and budget. Each package includes a beautiful three-ring binder full of information. Because I want all families to have access to this information, payment plans are always available. I take great care in making sure I deliver lots of information to you in a way that is clear and organized, not overwhelming. Contact me to inquire about your options- we can tailor something to suit your needs!

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What Will I Do As Your Birth Doula?

For thousands of years, women have supported each other while they birthed their babies. In modern culture, many families have found that having a birth professional present helps them to navigate the many facets of labor & delivery. I offer information and encouraging support so that you can relax and focus your attention on where it needs to be (birthing your baby!)

Whether you are choosing to birth your baby at home or in the hospital, with medication or without anything at all, I will be there to hold your hand and make sure you feel confident and prepared. I believe that education is instrumental in helping you achieve your birth wishes. I will guide you in navigating the (many!) options so that you can discover what best suits your needs and desires. Please understand that I cannot magically create the birth of your dreams- you have to be willing to be an active participant throughout our time working together.

Knowledge is power!

I can also help your partner learn to be an active participant in the birth of your child, providing that is a role he or she wishes to be a part of. I work to complement your partner’s role, providing him or her with fun tips and information so that they can hold your hand, rub your head, and take care of you. Your partner can consider me their birth cheat sheet (c:

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“I fully hope that in the future, when and if we have more children, that Carolynn will be there with us, welcoming our children into the world. She is a wonderful guide and friend, and I’m so glad we were able to have her with us. Because of her help, I can look back and honestly say there is nothing I would want to change for my labor and childbirth, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

– Erin & Matt

What’s Included?

Contact Carolynn Dreshler for your fee birth doula care consultationsDuring Your pregnancy
First, we will start by having an initial chat in-person and/or over the phone (preferably alongside a hot cup of tea!) and talk about what you are looking for in your birth and what I offer as a birth doula. We will go over what to expect during our time working together. After the contract has been signed, you will have access to phone, text, and email support to answer any questions you may have. You will receive an informational binder and assistance with your birth plan to help you clarify your preferences for labor & delivery. Starting at 38-weeks I am on-call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week up until the time you give birth to your baby.

During Your Birth
Once labor is well established, I will come to you either at your home or the place you have chosen to give birth and I will remain with you throughout the birth. I will work to keep you comfortable & informed, gently reminding you of your intrinsic strength and ability.

During Your Postpartum
I offer immediate postpartum care where I will make sure that you are being supported, taken care of, and comfortable following the birth of your baby. I will help you with breast or bottle feeding. While being respectful of this important bonding time between you and your new family, I will remain with you for up to two hours or until you are ready to rest. You will receive one after-baby follow-up visit in your home to celebrate the birth of your baby, help answer any newborn or postpartum care questions you may have and offer referrals to resources as needed. I am always available to you following the birth of your baby for any questions or support you need in the early parenting years. I’m a mama too, I understand!

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