10 Ways to Achieve a Natural Childbirth

Tips to achieve a natural childbirth

1. Take a natural childbirth class! I hear women all the time saying that too much information is overwhelming and that they think it will hinder their experience or make childbirth more scary. I understand the theory behind that and I think if it were possible to have absolutely no information on natural childbirth at… >> take a look

Chiropractors Make For An Easier Birth!

chiropractic pregnancy birth

It’s extremely important to me that women have a solid understanding of how beneficial routine chiropractic care can be during the prenatal and postpartum period. As a doula trained in the Spinning Babies technique I have come to develop a deep appreciation for the ligaments that hold the pelvis in place. Keeping the pelvis balanced… >> take a look

What is Hypnosis Anyway?

Using hypnosis for childbirth

As a HypnoBirthing instructor I get a lot of “wait, you teach what?” reactions when I tell people what I do. Understandably, to the general population using hypnosis for childbirth is a completely foreign concept. You should hear the old timers at the post office when they ask what Gentle Waves Birthing is! Then I… >> take a look

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