Babies at Work- Yes or No?

This morning, as I was quietly sipping my morning coffee and catching up on the local news before I started on my tasks for the day an article in the Lowell Sun caught my eye. The title was “Jeanne D’Arc Allows Parents to Return to Work With Infants.” Say what?? This is really interesting! In… Read more

10 Ways to Achieve a Natural Childbirth

Tips to achieve a natural childbirth

1. Take a natural childbirth class! I hear women all the time saying that too much information is overwhelming and that they think it will hinder their experience or make childbirth more scary. I understand the theory behind that and I think if it were possible to have absolutely no information on natural childbirth at… Read more

Chiropractors Make For An Easier Birth!

chiropractic pregnancy birth

It’s extremely important to me that women have a solid understanding of how beneficial routine chiropractic care can be during the prenatal and postpartum period. As a doula trained in the Spinning Babies technique I have come to develop a deep appreciation for the ligaments that hold the pelvis in place. Keeping the pelvis balanced… Read more

What is Hypnosis Anyway?

Using hypnosis for childbirth

As a HypnoBirthing instructor I get a lot of “wait, you teach what?” reactions when I tell people what I do. Understandably, to the general population using hypnosis for childbirth is a completely foreign concept. You should hear the old timers at the post office when they ask what Gentle Waves Birthing is! Then I… Read more

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