Kind Words

"She was so knowledge, helpful, and comfortable to be around...

Had the most amazing refresher course this morning with Carolynn. She was so knowledge, helpful, and comfortable to be around. Answered all our questions and calmed any fears leading up to our second birth. My husband and I couldn't stop talking about how great she was the rest of the day. Would recommend her to anyone/everyone!"

- Jenny

"Carolynn is the most incredible doula...

She made my birth the best experience possible. It was very important for me to birth as natural as possible with as little intervention as possible and while I was induced due to complications- Carolynn was there from the beginning guiding my husband and I. We believe that everything went as smoothly as it did (with no extra drugs) because Carolynn was with us. She has become part of our family and I will always appreciate everything that she contributed to the beautiful birth of my son!"

- Ishani & Ritesh

"If you’re even considering working with a doula I would really encourage you to reach out to Carolynn – I can’t recommend her enough!...

My husband and I worked with Carolynn for the birth of our first child in September 2016. We only started working with her during my third trimester, but Carolynn was AMAZING. She was so friendly to both my husband and me from our very first meeting. Coming in to the whole process, my husband was a little unfamiliar with the role of a doula. Carolynn was so great at helping him to understand and feel comfortable with having her at the birth of our daughter. She reminded us over and over again that this was OUR birth experience and that she would support any decisions that we made. I was undecided about wanting any interventions like an epidural, pitocin, etc. She was very understanding as I went back and forth about what I wanted. She provided me with more information that I ever could have asked for – and it was GOOD information and articles, not just random websites that I would have found myself on Google."

- Jessica & Tom

"Carolynn absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty...

Carolynn was absolutely incredible. My husband and I attended her Hypnobirthing class which helped us greatly. We learned various relaxation techniques and guided meditations. All of which helped minimize stress both during our pregnancy and labor/delivery. Additionally these practices have carried over into our everyday life, and we are more relaxed and happy as a result.

She was so helpful throughout my pregnancy and birth. Any time I had questions she would provide me with as much information as she had, all coming from evidence backed articles. If she didn't know the answer to something, she would research it for me. Not only was she extremely helpful with valuable information, but she offered great emotional support as well. She was always available via phone, text, or email to help me out.

Carolynn absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only would I hire her again in a heartbeat, I would highly recommend her, her services as a doula, and her Hypnobirthing classes to anyone and everyone having a baby. In addition to all of the afformentioned qualities, she is also a pleasure to be around in general. She is funny and has a great energy about her. Again, we highly recommend Carolynn."

- Jocelyn & Jeff

"She was a godsend and I'd 100% recommend her to anyone looking!...

Carolynn came to us as a back-up doula in bit of heightened hospital situation, wherein my original doula needed a few extra hours to get to us and we needed someone QUICK so that my labor could progress without intervention (I was aiming for an unmedicated birth and the clock was working against us). I was really nervous about having a "stranger" come in for that time, thinking it might disrupt my focus and progress, but Carolynn's presence delivered the exact opposite. I remember seeing her face and getting the immediate sense of her compassion and support. She coached me through some *really* intense back labor, trying all sorts of different positions and techniques, all the while making me feel comfortable and un-judged (I'm sure I wasn't looking pretty!). And it worked! My labor progressed so well that we were allowed to continue unmedicated, and Carolynn even stayed on for a bit once my original doula arrived for additional support. Without her there in those early hours, I don't know that we would have had the outcome I was so hoping for (my mom and partner wholeheartedly agree)."

- Amanda

"She helped bring to fruition a peaceful, comfortable pregnancy and birth that we never knew was possible....

Carolynn was a fantastic addition to our journey through pregnancy and birth! This being our second baby we knew we wanted to change a few things from the last time, and bringing on a doula was just the help we needed. Carolynn was gently supportive and helped us make informed decisions so that our pregnancy (and birth) were exactly how we wanted them to be. She was a wonderful calming presence throughout our labor and even discretely took pictures (as to not be disruptive) so that we could always remember that powerful experience. My husband and I were more than thrilled with her services and wished we could have taken her on for our first birth as well. If you're looking for someone knowledgeable to comfort and support, look no further."

- Carol & Scott

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