As a doula practicing just outside of Boston I have worked to build connections with a variety of holistic practitioners in the area. I teach classes at an incredible pregnancy & new parent care center called Stork Ready. Most, if not all, of the pregnancy and postpartum resources listed below are businesses my clients and I have used ourselves. I encourage you to check out some of these gems from in and around the city!

Chiropractor PregnancyChiropractic

One of the most beneficial ways you can begin to care for your ever-changing body in pregnancy is by routine chiropractic adjustments, particularly of the hips and pelvis. Having a properly aligned pelvis can make for a more comfortable pregnancy and a significantly shorter and easier labor. You can read more about the benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy in this blog post here.

978.710.5163 | 61 Central Sq. #4 Chelmsford, MA

978.664.1500 | 350 Park St. #106 North Reading, MA

978.667.1932 | 25 Bridge St. Billerica, MA

Chiropractor PregnancyAcupuncture

Regular acupuncture treatments during pregnancy correct imbalances in your body and can treat a myriad of discomforts such as nausea, heartburn & migraines to name a few.

716.796.3763 | 557 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown, MA

978.660.4502 | 57 Olde Rd to Nine Acre Corner Concord, MA

Chiropractor PregnancyHypnoBirthing®

Using hypnosis to prepare for your baby’s arrival can make an astounding difference in the level of relaxation you are able to achieve while you are in labor. As a doula I cannot tell you how many time I have seen a mom relaxed and breathing deeply while she’s birthing her baby. You can read more about the ways HypnoBirthing can help you in my blog post here.

Chiropractor PregnancyLactation Support

Having a good lactation consultant on hand can make a huge difference in establishing a successful breastfeeding relationship with your newborn. These International Board Certified Lactation Consultants are some of the best in Boston!

978.935.8095 | Woburn, MA & North Reading, MA

978.897.3637 | 27 Walnut St. Maynard, MA |  Westford, MA

Chiropractor PregnancyMassage Therapy

Self-care often goes by the wayside as your pregnancy progresses and you begin devoting more time to making room for the newest member of your family, however this is when you need it the most! Growing a baby sure isn’t easy and neither is preparing for it. Regular massage is beneficial for both your mind and your body.

Chiropractor PregnancyNaturopathic

Naturopathic medicine is a wonderful complementary tool to traditional Western medicine. It uses a whole body approach to helping people heal and maintain longterm health. A Naturopath can guide you to proper nutrition and a well-balanced use of herbs and supplements throughout your pregnancy, all of which may reduce your chances of special circumstances arising due to imbalances in the body.

978.475.7676 | 76 Main St Andover, MA

Maternity PhotographerMaternity & Family Photographers

Capture the moments before you forget them. I promise you won't regret having invested in these incredible photographers when you look back on the beautiful memories they were able to capture for you.

978.509.5355 | Westford, MA

If there's anyone who knows how to capture the fleeting moments of everyday family life, it's Meg Bearfield. With five kids of her own, she knows all too well how quickly the days go by.  With a strong interest in lifestyle photography and candids, she has an incredible eye for finding beauty and depth in the day-to-day.

Chiropractor PregnancyPregnancy and Parenting Classes

If I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, you can never get enough support & education when it comes to new parenting. Connecting with other parents who are going (or have already been) through the same things you are going through can really help to normalize the experience and make you feel like you aren’t alone.

978.500.5018 | 217 Main St North Reading, MA

I am lucky enough to teach HypnoBirthing classes at this wonderful center for all things pregnancy, newborn & parenting. Karen has gone above and beyond in creating a warm and inviting space where new parents can come to learn & connect with one another. Come join us for an upcoming class!

Chiropractor PregnancyPrenatal Yoga

617.827.9238 | Somerville, MA

617.566.YOGA | Brookline, MA

617.244.YOGA | Newton, MA

617.661.6565 | Cambridge, MA

West Acton Villageworks | 537 Massachusetts Ave, Acton, MA

The Mill Works | 22 Town Farm Rd Westford, MA

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